technical assistance

project advisory reports

calculations analysis

thermal / acoustic studies analysis

project optimization

security specifications review

fire stability check

constructive details analysis

regulatory compliance check

alternative solutions proposal

Our Scope

dos54 performs technical assistance for projects in the analysis process in order to detect risks and opportunities and optimize solutions

thorough study of the architectural project during the work bidding process has many benefits in the final execution.
the architectural project is not always carried out with the criteria of a façade contractor in mind.
consequently, it must be analysed to find the critical points that make the difference between success and failure in hiring.

first, we review compliance with criteria and regulations that avoid future operational problems.
in order to do this, the applicable standards are reviewed and structural calculations are performed and compared with the planned solutions.
later, we look for cheaper alternatives in order to find the most profitable.
thus, it is possible to find materials with equivalent finishes or systems with comparable behaviours that are cheaper than those prescribed, or with shorter delivery times.
or, for example, we study solutions that affect the facade with a more efficient assembly.
introducing changes in the constructive solution without affecting aesthetics can reduce assembly times and improve the behaviour of the facade.

the clients that use this type of services are developers, builders and façade contractors during the bidding phase.
at dos54 we accompany our clients during this process.
our job is to analyse the project in order to increase the chances of being awarded with the work, while obtaining more efficient solutions and saving on the final budget.

some featured projects where dos54 has carried out technical assistance for the façade design are:

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