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Our Scope

at dos54 we carry out integrated lighting projects on the façade.
the objective is to improve the use of natural light, or create effects using artificial lighting elements.

the study of solar path in relation to the building and its incidence on the different facades takes on special relevance in the design of facades.
thus, the objective is to achieve greater transparency for greater user comfort without penalising thermal behaviour.

this study provides the necessary data to indicate the optimal characteristics of the glass and the possible elements of solar control.
crucial information is also obtained to orient the facades, to recommend the use of specific windows, to design of interior skylights, etc.

as a result of the desire to work with natural light in buildings, a concern arisas for artificial lighting.
either as lighting integrated into the facade system, lighting of the facade itself, or lighting integrated into skylights to recreate natural light.
at dos54 we work with basic systems such as fixed elements on the façade, or intelligent systems that adapt to the light levels inside the building.

some featured projects where dos54 has carried out lighting related works are:

the other projects can be found under the tag lighting.