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Our Scope

at dos54 we carry out the executive project of the facade, which includes the necessary documentation for the execution of the work.
for this, we issue all the necessary documentation in the form of drawings, descriptive memory, calculation memory …

first, we make an analysis of the architectural project and the design criteria.
afterwards, we review the needs of the project and apply them to the development of the construction details.
then, we consider economic, delivery times and specific conditions of the architectural project.
finally, these criteria are combined in order to develop the executive design.
the goal is to be able to build any type of facade attending to all needs.

during the executive design, we elaborate a guide for the manufacture and assembly of the facade, and for this we must coordinate with all the agents.
therefore, we collaborate with the architecture studio so that the technical solutions meet the design criteria.
we also work with the construction company or the facade contractor to achieve greater profitability.
our intention is to improve manufacturing processes and assembly efficiency.

some featured projects where dos54 has carried out executive design are:

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