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Our Scope

dos54 performs expertise on facade execution, making a diagnosis of unwanted situations and establishing responsibilities.

the process of the façade project ranges from conception to execution.
therefore, it is a long process and involves a large number of processes and people.
sometimes, between all these processes and people, situations occur that affect the final result.
thus, these situations may involve design flaws, construction defects, non-compliance with regulations, etc.,
as a consequence, these situations can cause conflicts between different parties.

our job is to diagnose these situations using the appropriate knowledge, methodologies and materials.
the goal, in addition, is to establish the origin of these situations, define the chain of those responsible and obtain objective conclusions.

in order to do this, dos54 can participate in the project in different phases.
first, conducting a project audit, identifying the validity of the design criteria.
second, defining a quality control plan with control points and definition of validation criteria.
finally, carrying out the on-site control of the execution according to the defined plan.
finally, if these previous phases have not properly executed, dos54 can carry out expert opinions on facades that have already been executed.

furthermore, our experience allows us to resolve these situations through alternative solutions, limiting the economic impact.
in this way, dos54 can propose actions on elements already installed on site to solve undesired situations and define tests that verify the validity of these solutions.

finally, if necessary, dos54 can act as an expert witness in case of trial.

generally, among the most common situations are:

  • excesses in material orders
  • flaws in the finishing
  • sealing faults
  • glass breaks
  • water inlets
  • insufficient glass thickness
  • unstable structural elements
  • non-compliance with the project indications
  • breach of regulations
  • use of lower grades than prescribed

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