overall thermal balance of the façade

eco-efficient systems design

power generation studies

bioclimatic analysis of the façade

sustainability studies

dynamic systems conception

Our Scope

dos54 conducts bioclimatic and sustainability studies for façade in order to help the environment through a more sustainable architecture.

in addition to the designer’s responsibility with the environment, standards are increasingly focusing on improving the sustainability of buildings.
therefore, bioclimatic studies and their application to façade design become more important every day.

in the first place, the bioclimatic study begins considering all the climatic and geographic variables.
these variables include: orientation, environment, radiation, temperature, wind …
then, it is necessary to identify the characteristics of the building itself.
by analysing these data, it is possible to reduce the building’s energy expenditure through an adequate design of the facade.

an efficient facade design has a direct impact on the healthiness of the building.
among the aspects to be improved through the facade are better thermal comfort, control of CO2 levels in the interiors, or better lighting.

in addition to a responsible design with thermal control, at dos54 we can integrate power generation into the facade.
currently, there are different photovoltaic glass technologies that can be applied to the facade.
through a personalised study, we can determine what is the optimal distribution of the PV panels.
for example, using the appropriate technologies depending on the position of the panels or orientation of the facades.

in summary, at dos54 we can integrate different sustainability criteria in the design of the facade and make it viable for LEED, BREEAM, WELL, PASSIVEHAUS, …

some featured projects where dos54 has carried out bioclimatics and sustainability studies are:

the other projects can be found under the tag bioclimatics.