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façade design management

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Our Scope

dos54 is a professional office and can carry out specific façade design management projects for new construction and / or renovation.

since our foundation, at dos54 we have worked exclusively on designing and solving light facades, which has made us specialists in a wide range of facade typologies.
thus, we have worked in all phases of the facade project, from the original design concept, to the final documentation of the work, and the complete structural calculation of the envelope.

therefore, in much of our work we have participated in the implementation phase and have had to deal with very demanding submission times.
at the same time, we have had direct contact with the manufacture and assembly of the facade.

on numerous occasions we have worked for construction companies and facade contractors, which gives us a complete overview of the process.
that is why we understand very well the companies that participate in the manufacture and assembly of the facade and we can anticipate, in the design phase, the problems that may appear on site.

all this technical aspect is combined with the fact that at dos54 we are also architects, with the sensitivity for quality and the architectural concept necessary to lead the project design and the autonomy to assume the optional management of the work.

some featured projects where dos54 has carried out design management are:

the other projects can be found under the tag design management.