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Our Scope

dos54 carries out system design for system suppliers, main and façade contractors, for catalogues and for individual projects.

the development of specific systems for each project that adapt to its needs takes on special relevance in the design of facades.
thus, the objective is to achieve the greatest efficiency in the use of materials and in the execution without penalising the behaviour of the facade.

when designing custom systems we can identify the design, budget and deadline characteristics, and work all components to suit these needs.
by working directly with the producers, crucial information is also obtained in order to optimise thicknesses, recommend the use of specific glass, design of interior skylights, etc.

as a result of having worked on numerous facade projects, dos54 is able to transfer this experience to more general areas.
for example, working together with system suppliers in order to develop opening or sliding woodwork series.
also designing curtain walls and their accessories, both stick and modular.
also, in dos54 we develop innovative systems that take advantage of our knowledge to achieve more optimised and systematised applications.

some featured projects where dos54 has carried out system design are:

the other projects can be found under the tag systems development.