projects map

since 2013, in dos54, we have worked on more than 200 unique façade projects with more than 30 clients spread over more than 20 different countries.

in our map, we showcase the most important, iconic projects,or the ones that have required a higher degree of implication  on our part.

among all of them, there is a huge collection of different types of light facades: glass cladding, curtain wall, modular curtain wall, ventilated façade, composite panel, skylights … and solutions: ventilated facades, with double skin, with elements of solar control, with advantage taking of the sunlight, with photovoltaic panels …

in addition, in order to adapt our design criteria to each country, in dos54 we have worked with the following calculation norms and standards:

▪ usa, mexico, panama, haití: AISC, ASCE, ANSI, AAMA

▪ colombia: NSR, ASCE, ADMA, AAMA

▪ brazil, paraguay: NBR, ADMA, AAMA

▪ chile: NCh, ADMA, AAMA

▪ rusia, qatar: EN

▪ france, belgium: EN, EC, SI

▪ switzerland: EN, EC, SIA, NTC

▪ spain: CTE, EN, EC