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Our Scope

dos54 performs specific facade consulting for developers and architects and participats in the design process from an early stage.

at dos54 we work in all the phases of the project in order to maintain the architectural concept until the end.
in order to do this, we control all the aspects surrounding the project, including the budget.
our objective is that the project idea is strong and that it reaches its execution unscathed.
however, the process is long and experience tells us that there are many factors that can make the result deviate from the project.

dos54‘s consultancy focuses on different points of attention so that there are as few changes as possible in the finished work.
thus, we will avoid changes in systems, changes in quality, changes in finishes …

first of all, we start working from the first idea.
in order to do this, we work with the designer, exploring options, systems and materials that meet the criteria.

afterwards, we develop an executive project.
in this phase, we make that first idea executable and coordinate it with the rest of the elements.
part of this coordination involves verifying that the solutions are viable for the type of work.

lastly, we supervise the installation on site and control the correct execution of the project solutions.

in the end, we obtain a project in which attention has been devoted in all its phases.
as a result, we will be able to trace all the decisions that lead us to the final result.

some featured projects where dos54 has carried out façade consulting are:

the other projects can be found under the tag consulting.