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Our Scope

dos54 performs structural calculation and dimensioning of the facade elements, using different tools, including calculation of glass elements, which also implies considering other aspects different from traditional façade design.

the dimensioning of the structural elements is an essential part of the facade design, it is the tool that allows to coordinate aesthetics, function and efficiency.
thus, the design process is increasingly defined by new standards that establish the parameters to consider in the dimensioning of the elements of the facade.

dos54 works both in the design of metallic elements and glass elements (closings and structural elements) and, for this, we use different specific calculation tools for each need.

since our founding in 2013, in dos54 we have worked on projects spread over more than 10 countries, which has forced us to adapt our calculations of facade elements to the different idiosyncrasies, customs and regulations of each one of them.

thus, in dos54 we have worked with the following calculation norms and standards:

▪ usa, mexico, panama, haití: AISC, ASCE, ANSI, AAMA

▪ colombia: NSR, ASCE, ADMA, AAMA

▪ brazil, paraguay: NBR, ADMA, AAMA

▪ chile: NCh, ADMA, AAMA

▪ russia, qatar: EN

▪ france, belgium: EN, EC, SI

▪ switzerland: EN, EC, SIA, NTC

▪ spain: CTE, EN, EC

some featured projects where dos54 has carried out structural calculation of facade elements are:

the other projects can be found under the tag calculations.